LG H3 Wireless Speaker

Product Code: NP8340

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The NP8340 is part of LG’s Music Flow series – a multi-room system which will transform your audio experience. With the H3 you can build a customised sound system to cover all rooms and all angles. Enhance the soundtrack to your life.

Better Listening

Consider yourself a music lover? This speaker is a must-have. It provides HD sound playback, improving music collections, streamed content, live TV, radio and films. It’ll take your entertainment to the next level, however you choose to unwind.

Use it to fill the living room with the sound of your Spotify playlists, or build a surround sound system with the H3 and other Music Flow speakers. Alternatively, create something bigger and even more impressive.

LG’s compatible speakers make it easy to build a multi-room system. Combine the compact H3 with the larger H5 and H7 speakers, and tie them all together with the R1 bridge box. You’ll then be able to enjoy music which flows from room to room as you move, or fills the entire home with beautifully synched listening. You can even play different tracks in different areas, keeping the whole family happy.

The system is conveniently controlled from a smartphone, tablet or PC through the Music Flow Player app.

Wi-Fi Connected

Enjoy uninterrupted playback, thanks to the stable dual band Wi-Fi connection. If you have multiple Music Flow speakers, they’ll work together through a reliable multi-dimensional Mesh network. Bluetooth provides easy control of your listening. Remote controls are a thing of the past when your smartphone does the job.

Near Field Communication makes the whole process completely seamless. Arrive home and pass your device over the speaker to transfer sound to it in an instant. Move from the living room into the kitchen and your favourite song will follow.

Compact Design

The H3 is a neat understated speaker. It’s small enough not to clutter surfaces, with a beautiful curved silver design. The NP8340 is LG’s compact model, with styling to complement other devices in the Music Flow range.

Begin an exciting journey into multi-room audio with this wireless speaker. Order yours here.                


Bluetooth Yes
Height 17.5 cm
Width 12.4 cm
Depth 11.4 cm
Weight 2.25 kg