Samsung M5 Wireless Speaker

Product Code: WAM551_XU

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Fully immerse yourself in an amazing soundtrack with the SHAPE M5 speaker. This compact model has convenient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and can form part of a powerful surround sound or multi room setup.

Superior Sound

Enjoy your music in a new way. The M5 speaker can be used individually or as part of a multiple speaker system. Make the most of the music on your devices, upgrade your TV’s built-in speakers or create a bigger sound system.

Samsung’s multi room setup lets you play different songs in different rooms, or the same audio across the home. It’s all controlled through one simple app on your smartphone or tablet.

There’s a built-in tweeter and woofer for a rich depth of sound. By combining numerous speakers you can make your audio as powerful as you need it to be.

Complete Connectivity

With Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 2.1 and Near Field Communication, connecting a device couldn’t be easier. Hook up your smartphone, tablet or laptop in a single touch and let your music fill the room. Stream your playlists from online music services, or play downloaded songs and podcasts.

Samsung’s TV Sound Connect system links your speaker(s) to your compatible TV. Build your own surround sound system this way for a completely personalised experience. SHAPE speakers can also be synced with the brand’s home theatre products.

Adaptable Design

This model’s triangular shape has been designed to fit in any room with ease. Place it on a shelf, on the TV stand or in the corner of a room by wall-mounting it. The M5’s compact design makes it easy to tuck neatly away.

With an optional stand this speaker can be placed horizontally or vertically. You’ll get a great look whether you’re using it individually, as part of a pair or within a bigger setup.

If you want to make an even bigger impact, take a look at Samsung’s larger M7 model. It’s more powerful, and also available in black or white.

Whether you’re looking to purchase an individual Bluetooth speaker or add to a multi room system, this Samsung model is perfect. Buy yours here.


Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0
Colour White
Height 11.3 cm
Width 34.3 cm
Depth 16.8 cm
Weight 2.30 kg